Raw Mill Section

This section collect the Raw materials like Lime Stone, Clay, Coke Breeze and Iron Ore. and analyze the chemical composition and prepare a raw mix design. Then crushing the lime stone small parts 50 mm below crusher the lime stone belt conveyer through the hummer mill. Hummer mill crushing the lime stone small parts 10 mm, 8mm, 6mm, and small powders. Then go to lime stone elevator through lime stone storage hopper. Sorting by 150 M.T. Capacity hoppers. Similarly clay and coke crushing the jaw crusher and go to the elevator through clay and coke hopper. This raw materials are weighing the weighing hopper (this is computerize weighing scale) through elevator in raw mix hopper (Raw mill Hopper). In the capacity the hopper 30 M.T., then slowly go to reached feeder function is per hours 10 to 15 M.T., materials feed the raw mill. In the raw mill in the capacity of the capacity of the raw mill is 200 M.T. T.P.D. In the raw mix residue maintain 14 to 16 % (properly chemical analysis).The details of the raw mill no of two chambers are 1st and 2nd. 1st chamber is grind and pushing 2nd chamber. 2nd chamber is fine grinding lifter through outside. Properly chemical analysis and quality maintain.

Kiln Section

The materials of raw mill are going to screw conveyer through elevator. This elevator is upon the blending silos. There are two bending silos both are 100 M.T. This silos blending the roots types of blower and aeration assembly blending (chemical analysis, quality maintain).This materials screw conveyor thoroughly goes to elevator and storing the stores silos. The stores silo fine materials feed to screw feeder ( running chemical analysis) and go to noduliser. In the noduliser mixed water in necessary quantity for nodule formed. The nodules are automatic burning in 1450°c and after cooling the process down the materials feed to clicker yard. This is finally clicker and done physical chemical analysis.

Cement Mill Section

Clinker and Fly-Ash physical and chemical analysis and gypsum chemical analysis. The clinker, gypsum and Fly-Ash feeding in different hoppers. Then these materials are going to belt conveyor through Jaw Crusher. The Jaw Crusher is crushing the materials elevator through feed the cement mill hopper. Then after go to reached feeder through cement mill. This cement mill is I, II and III chambers. These chambers are grinding the materials pushing the fine grinding cement after through out of fine cement. The residue maintains 2 to 4 % and properly physical and chemical analysis goes through elevator upon the cement silo (Physical and chemical analysis). Aeration assembly blending the cement and storing after automatic bags filter through packs 50 kgs. Cement pack( Physical & chemical analysis)